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The leading supplier of fresh produce packaging materials in the central valley

IBS is centrally located in the valley which helps serve customers from the grapevine to Stockton. Customer service is what drives the company in excellence, providing growers, shippers, and packers. IBS is the only company in the Reedley/Fresno area with 2.5 acres of Styrofoam for grape growers. In addition, IBS is a distributor of IFCO RPC's (Reusable Plastic Containers) which serves the agriculture industry as the retailers make changes to improve the environment.

Whether it comes to packaging your fruit, vegetables or harvesting, IBS Supplies, Inc. is here to serve your business. With exceptional service and competitive pricing we assure that IBS is the right decision for your business. Please don't hesitate to call one of our sales staff.



➤ shipping & receiving

6385 E North Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725

➤ office

PO Box 28385
Fresno, CA 93729


(559) 269-7956

(559) 443-9102



  • Certified Heat Treated

  • CHEP

  • Plastic

  • White

  • Alder Kits

  • Used

  • Stretch Wrap/Film

  • Netting

  • Covers

  • Bin Liners

  • Cargo Air Bags


  • Styrofoam Sizes: 8L, 7L, 6L, 5L

  • Plastic Corrugated

    • Grapes

    • Asparagus, Green Onions, Celery

    • Sweet Corn

  • Foam

  • Plastic Grape

  • Orange RPC

  • Lettuce RPC

  • Berry RPC

  • Tomato RPC

  • Squash RPC

  • RPC'S (IFCO)


harvesting supplies

  • Vineyard Rain Plastic

  • Tree Protectors

  • Scales

  • Tie Tape

  • Twine

Inner packaging

  • Grape Bags

  • Pouch Bags

  • Vegetable Bags

  • Fruit Trays

  • Micro/Macro Liner Bags

  • Diaper Pads

  • Bubble Pads

  • Foam Pads

  • RPC Labels

  • RPC Lids

  • Angle Board



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